Beautiful indoor plants – modern, easy-care potted plants

easy-care Beautiful houseplants green wall paint

20 unforgettable design ideas with plants in the interior

 There is nothing better than a few well-groomed, beautiful houseplants in the interior. This impresses both in practical and aesthetic terms. In other words, one can equally admire the beauty of the interior design and the ability to keep the plants alive.

I'm serious! Even the least demanding plants pose a challenge.

Our favorite houses and studios 

 Do you notice that the plants in this room have been given a very important role? We at Freshideen have come to many great pictures in recent years. One often encounters refreshing displays of plants inside.

Below, we can see the result of kitchen processing in a studio. It was shown on Oh Happy Day. The lush green plants enhance the existing color palettes.

Beautiful houseplants

Easy care Beautiful indoor plants vintage pillow armchair

Here is a tutorial for creating a concrete and copper plant stand. Its author is Claire Zinnecker from Camille Styles. From this you can learn how to make perfect poles for interesting indoor plants. The succulents below are a great example.

Another interesting article can also be found at Camille Styles. We mean the studio apartment filled with plants.


easy care Beautiful houseplants still pictures white

 Who would have thought that the succulents are not real at all? We on Freshideen also found the personal look really great!

Is not the living kitchen of the studio Beautiful Mess just adorable?

easy-care Beautiful houseplants yellow kitchen block

 We had to laugh as the vivid yellow cabinets and the glaring turquoise dots combined. Furthermore, we were deeply impressed by the star-shaped arrangement of potted plants in the window shelves.

The next shot is again from a studio apartment, which appeared at Beautiful Mess.

Here you can experience a zoning on the great bay window in the dining room

easy-care Beautiful houseplants small flower pot potted plants

Unique plants indoors

easy-care Beautiful indoor plants potted plants great

Beautiful indoor plants - One thing is certain about the indoor plants: they do not need a lot of green to create an eye-catcher. Often it depends almost exclusively on how the plants are positioned and exhibited. Below you can see a conservatory element. It was designed by Lauren Liess. Urns, shape cuts, and other decorative touches create a look reminiscent of English gardens.

 Through a terrarium you could contribute to a still stylish appearance

easy-care Beautiful houseplants air plant

Why only one? Do you like the cultivation of plants? Then this project is just right for you! Below we see two more very exciting investment pictures. Note how the use of ancient elements, vials, test tubes and greenery provides a unique scientific aesthetic that is unique in its kind. [photos by Nicole Franzen via Decor8]

From garden charm to scientific style to the execution of all details in a tropical way

easy-care flowerpot window Beautiful houseplants exhibit glass

We were actually allowed a look into the apartment by Jon and Nina Hans. It includes Design Spong. It was inspired by the Hawaiian style from the middle of the last century. You absolutely did not save on plants here!

Even if the style is not too noticeable inside, tropical green can add a modern touch

easy-care white sideboard Beautiful houseplants dresser

 I love the use of strings and reels in the green vignette.

You do not have a green thumb?

easy-care Beautiful houseplants white flowerpot

 Make a large dose of plant life through a crepe paper garland of leaves like the one pictured here. The execution here is the company Hank & Hunt. With such a good design, the temptation to opt for contrived variants is just too big! This is especially true when it comes to entertainment!

Do not forget the great effect of hanging plants! These pull up the view.

Easy care black wall pictures frame Beautiful house plants wild nature

Hanging flowers in the bathroom

easy-care bathrooms Beautiful indoor plants hanging plants

Cool handling of the plants indoors

easy-care indoor plants large potted plants

For the conclusion of today's article, we have selected a collection of potted plants that look really attractive.

The larger one is called Kalanchoë beharensis. It makes a great impression, right? [Image by Rikki Snyder according to Houzz]

The plants in the next room are bizarre, interesting and bold

easy care Beautiful houseplants window shade

In these two pictures are built-in beautiful houseplants  displayed, which allow the integration of greenery. Notice how the modern look in the living room and dining area has been achieved! Furthermore, the plants really seem to bring in life in this. [according to Lushome]

The very last pictures show us great-looking big plants that create a lobby look

easy care Beautiful pictures House plants live ideas

He is anything but subtle. That's why we love it here on fresh ideas! And what do you think? [according to Best Home Inspirations]

Are you tempted to integrate a little more green into your interior?

easy-care smooth planter Beautiful houseplants large modern

Whether you want to go big or small, you should remember the following: The way of arranging is even more important than the plants themselves! Get creative and make it truly memorable!

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