Design Dressing Room – Stylish Walk-In Wardrobe

Dressing room plan open corner wardrobes walk-in wardrobe system

Dressing room plan - 30 examples of a well-organized walk-in closet

If you are so close to realizing the dream of women, then do it right!

They already have a free space, apart from its size, and want to turn it into a walk-in wardrobe.

What should be considered, if you want to accomplish this task outstanding, you will learn from the abundant many examples below. With this picture gallery we would like to show you how designers or simple people designed a dressing room. Draw ideas and adapt them to your space.

 Dressing room with Ikea furniture set up

dressing room furniture walk-in wardrobe plan shoes clothes rack

Dressing room ideas - stylish, minimalist and space-saving

minimalist dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe furniture

 Extra storage space for your evening dresses and an elegant dressing table in between

dressing room plan wardrobe dressing table wall mirror

This is what an elegant private room of a lady looks like

Arrangement in the dressing room walk-in closets wardrobes mirrors

Which are the Dressing room furniture, who will turn your room into a noble lady's room? Of course, the wardrobe is the focus here. This piece of furniture makes up the complete look of your dressing room. That's why you first choose the dream cabinet and tune the rest of the equipment with its style, color and size. The three examples (top and bottom) show a large, white fitted wardrobe with mirrored doors, which looks very elegant and upscale. For this, matching ottomans and chandeliers or recessed luminaires are selected. The carpet is also an apt decision for the dressing room. This ensures a warm atmosphere in the room and soft under your feet while you choose the right pair of shoes for your evening dress.

Elegance in snow white

order in the dressing room walk-in closets wardrobes ottpmane sofa

Walk-in wardrobe

dressing room plan wardrobe ottoman mirrored carpet floor

If you have a very compact room and no wardrobe space, you can also use clothes racks. These can store many clothes and yet take up little space. All clothes are at hand and you can decide on an outfit with a quick look.

Plan a small dressing room

Dressing room set walk-in wardrobe sloping floor plan

 Make-up table, wall and standing mirrors, as well as cutting dolls belong to the interior of the dressing room

dressing room plan ideas furniture dressmakers make-up table wall mirror

Ceiling-high shoe shelves for women with shoe passion

dressing room set walk-in wardrobe shoe shelves island chandelier armchair

Classic ladies room in 1920's style

classic dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe stylishly elegant wall murals chandelier

Corner wardrobe made to measure with folding doors

dressing room furnishings walk-in wardrobe systems clothes rack drawers extra storage space

Walk-in wardrobe systems

Dressing room set up furniture open wardrobe island

Wall shelves for shoes and bags and island for jewelry

dressing room set walk-in wardrobe shoe rack bags shoes storage bin

Open wardrobe for him and her

dressing room furnishings furniture open wardrobe systems runners

If you are one Planning the dressing room, consider the open closets or these with glass doors. They are very practical and are the latest craze in the dressing room facility. Of course, the order plays a significant role. Avoid this idea when there is often a mess in your wardrobe.

Open corner wardrobe with numerous compartments

dressing room plan ideas furniture open wardrobe walk-in corner wardrobe

Disarray? - Nil!

dressing room plan furniture wardrobe sliding glass armchair wooden floor

Sliding glass doors and ceiling lights provide an overview as well as the suspended, as well as the folded clothes

dressing room plan furniture open wardrobe walk-in closet

Natural look in minimalist style

dressing room set walk-in wardrobe glass sliding doors

Open shelving systems offer as much storage space as possible with little floor space

dressing room plan open wardrobe walk-in wardrobe systems

 Open wooden wardrobe made to measure

open wardrobe dressing room plan walk-in wardrobe systems

Corner wooden wardrobe without doors

walk-in wardrobe systems dressing room plan open wardrobe made of wood

Men's wardrobe

Men's dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe wood shelves

Turn the bedroom tables into a walk-in closet

bedroom dressing room plan open wardrobes walk-in wardrobe systems

Another example of a curtained niche. The wall paint here animates the whole picture

Dressing room plan furniture drapes drawers clothes rack

Combine wooden shelves and clothes racks

arrangement in the dressing room walk-in wardrobe clothes rack ottoman mirror

Romantic atmosphere in the Retrostyle

dressing room furniture clothes rack wooden box

Like in the wardrobe of an actress or dancer

dressing table mirror lights dressing room set up walk-in closet

pure romance

wall paint pink dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe vanity table

Plan your dressing room to your own taste!

pink wall paint pink dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe


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