The trends of the modern shower

The trends of the modern shower

Especially on cold winter days everyone appreciates a pleasantly hot bathtub. A bathtub is perfect for relaxing after a stressful and hard day at work. Nevertheless, fewer and fewer apartments are being fitted with bathtubs. Especially the younger generations tend to shower cubicles and open showers. A bathtub itself is only considered a bonus, but has long ceased to be a must. But where does this trend come from and how is a new modern bathroom with a shower designed?

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The floor-level shower
The trend towards a floor-level shower cubicle is currently making a strong impression in all domestic bathrooms. On a shower tray can be completely omitted here. A walk-in shower is considered particularly modern and exudes a touch of luxury, although this is not necessarily associated with additional costs at the same time.

The most generously dimensioned, floor-level shower cubicles are screened off with large glass walls. This makes the bathroom even bigger. Such modern shower stalls can be found at Baddepot. Bath Depot offers a variety of standard shower stalls. But also individually adapted shower cubicles can be made. If you need advice, you can contact the in-house shower cabin furnishings advisor.
By the way, if you are bothered by the water drain, which is usually located in the center of the shower cubicle, you can put the icing on the cake on your new modern shower with a wall drain. In the case of a wall drain, the water simply "disappears" in the wall and is fed from there to the sewage system.

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The replacement for the shower head
Until recently, the shower head was more or less a commodity, a means to an end. But this also changes completely in modern bathrooms and shower cubicles. Although a conventional showerhead can not be easily replaced, there are many attractive designs and alternatives available. More and more domestic bathrooms are equipped with the extremely comfortable and luxurious rain showers. This type of shower head is intended to mimic the pleasant feeling of a warm rain shower and thus ensures an unforgettable shower experience. A rain shower head can be retrofitted to the conventional shower or attached directly to the ceiling of the shower cubicle.

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The shower floor
Since normally barefoot showering is used, the feeling that is absorbed via the sole of the foot also plays an important role. Cold, smooth flows are well known to everyone. But even the bottom of a shower cubicle does not necessarily have to be boring. Again, you can experiment with a variety of materials and surfaces. How about a rough natural stone or even a pebble bed? This can also be planted with bamboo, for example. Together with a rain shower this provides an unforgettable shower experience as in the rainforest.

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