Wall paint bathroom – fresh ideas for small spaces

modern bathroom furniture futuristic manmalistic color accents pink wall paint white

Beautiful bathroom wall paints for small premises


In addition to the actual size many other factors contribute to a bathroom may look too small. If you integrate too wide a washbasin or dressing table too large, this effect of overfilling inevitably arises.

The wall color also makes a big difference.

This is actually a feature in your bathroom that you can change quickly and inexpensively at any time.

Wall paint bathroom - make the right decision

wall paint bathroom color scheme white yellow wood floor dark

Tip: Before you begin painting, cover all surfaces that you do not want to pollute.

Now let's go to the actual topic: How to choose the right wall paint for the bathroom, if this is small.

 Neutral color design

small bathroom design wall paint bathroom gray

Trend colors in use

wall paint bathroom dark colors purple trend colors dark

Bright wall colors in the bathroom

Bright colors make the room appear much wider. Consider white or white gray. Also suitable are the pastel shades, or those that are a bit fresher, such as blue, for example. You could also achieve a more neutral appearance by mixing different shades. Consider white with green, yellow and pink.

Tender pastel colors

wall paint bathroom light pastel tones mint green freestanding bathtub

Romance in purple

wall paint bathroom purple trend color 2014 color pastel colors

Bright shades in gray and white

color ideas gray white wall paint bathroom floor tiles

Classic and modern in white

wall color white modern bathroom shower bathtub

Sunny and fresh in yellow

wall paint bathroom bright pastel yellow wall tiles

So you could mix neutral colors with more vivid shades. Light green makes the ambience look very lively and fresh.

Beige and brown tones

neutral color scheme brown tones wall paint bathroom beige brown

Color for the ceiling

Not only the wall but also the color of the ceiling has a very important meaning for the general appearance. If the selected shade is very bright there, this also contributes to the essential brightening of the room. Why not try to paint the walls with pastel blue and then give the ceiling in white with very subtle bluish nuances? If one decides on the walls as well as on the ceiling for the same tones, the room as a whole appears much wider.

Ceiling color as an accent in the bathroom

wall color white modern bathroom ceiling color pink pink

 Small bathroom modern furnishings

wall color white modern bathroom ceiling color blue

Pay attention also to the bathroom lighting

wall paint bathroom bright pastel yellow bathroom lighting

color pattern

Do you want to reach a much more lively room look? How about apricot? This shade could be used as the main color in the bathroom. The combination with orange then looks wonderful on certain accessories.

Warm color palette

warm color scheme apricot orange wall paint bathroom

Green and blue tend to be more relaxing.

Relaxing nuances

wall paint bathroom bright green freshness color design ideas

Take a bath and relax completely

wall paint bathroom blue light pastel tones freestanding bathtub

But all these possibilities in their measured forms fit wonderfully to make the room appear larger.

Do you prefer a more intense effect in the room? If that's what you want, then you should choose dark wall colors in the bathroom here and there. This might help you highlight certain areas and intentionally emphasize them.

But if you do, you'll leave the rest of the area really bright. This is especially true for the floor and ceiling.

 Natural wood color as an additional accent

bathroom furniture wall paint bathroom gray white

White wall tiles in combination with a light wall paint

light wall paint bathroom pastel tones mint green wall tiles white

Living ideas in color

wall paint bathroom wall tiles white wall paint gray blue

Which is your favorite color?

wall paint bathroom dark wall colors bathroom purple purple trend color 2014

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