Build a cool concrete lamp yourself: instructions from Saris Garage

You are looking for a concrete lamp to do it yourself? Then you are in the right place, because Christian and Sari from the blog Saris Garage show you how easy and, above all, how much fun it can be to pour a lamp made of concrete. In addition to their upcycling furniture and home accessories, Sari and Christian also deal with the subject of concrete decoration and have meanwhile produced a number of DIY projects that concrete lovers would certainly like to have in their own four walls. Here you come to the manual concrete lamp from Saris garage.

Creative concrete decoration wherever the eye can see

No matter if you are shopping at the window, leafing through various living and furnishing magazines or surfing the internet. Beton Deko is currently very trendy and can be found in all its forms and functions. With Kreativ Beton all conceivable things can be poured into shape. If you want to get even closer to the material and experiment with it, you can use Knetbeton, which can be kneaded like modeling clay and has even more design potential.

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Our concrete lamp - The concrete does not always have to be cold

Concrete is underestimated as a material super fast. In the past it used to be cold construction material only. In combination with color accents or light it is an absolute highlight in your own home. Whether it is exposed concrete walls that make the living room look modern or decorate the home with small concrete decoration elements, in combination with the right home accessories and a little color, Beton Deko now finds its place everywhere as well as our concrete lamp.

The idea of ​​casting a concrete lamp in a ring sounds very exciting, especially when you see how easy it is to make this concrete lamp yourself. Here, too, the two remained faithful to their upcycling idea and, in addition to the Kreativ Beton, kept empty jam jars in front of the Altglascontainer and cleverly installed DIY lamps in their concrete. It does not really need much to build this concrete lamp yourself. In addition to the aforementioned glass and the creative concrete you need a round bowl and lamp accessories or a LED string of lights. To do this, stick the jam jar with the lid facing downwards with a little hot glue into the bowl, stir in the creative concrete according to the manufacturer's instructions, add it to the bowl and let the concrete mass dry overnight.

Concrete Lamp by Saris Garage (3)

The next day can already follow step two. To do this, detach the first part of your lamp from the bowl and refill the bowl with the creative concrete. Finally, you position the finished lamp part in the middle of the freshly mixed concrete mass and used as a spacer small woods. Again, on the following day, the entire concrete lamp can be solved again from the bowl. Let the concrete lamp dry for a few days. Finally, you cut a hole in the lid of the glass and let the lamp holder or string of lights. Finished.

If you have some difficulty in following the instructions of the Concrete Lamps, this is no problem at all. On Sari's garage you will find again a more detailed step by step instructions and a DIY video in which Sari shows everything again and explains exactly. Here is her DIY blog

   Concrete Lamp by Saris Garage (4)

Concrete Lamp by Saris Garage (2)

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