Build your own dressing room – inspiring ideas and pictures

An inspiring DIY project for every woman is to build a dressing room herself. If you want a walk-in wardrobe like this one by Carrie Bradshaw, be prepared to make it.

Carrie's apartment is small and compact, but tailored to your needs as a single lady. You can do that too. Take a look around. What can you change in your home so that it adapts better to your lifestyle? If you are also a party girl and proud owner of numerous evening dresses, then you definitely need a dressing room.

Like every project, it starts with an inspiring idea and a plan for its realization. Let's start from the first step and go in search of fresh inspiration.

Think of the clothes racks and the shoe racks in your future dressing room

walk-in wardrobe dressing room yourself build diy clothes rack

If you do not have a separate room that can turn you into a walk-in closet, then you can separate some area from your bedroom instead. Use a room divider. Below you can see a great example of this. The room divider is here an open wardrobe on wheels, which is placed behind the bed and also plays the role of a bed headboard.

Open wardrobe in the bedroom

Dressing room build your own bedroom partition

Design a walk-in closet in the attic room

dressing room sloped clothes rack tailor's mop mirror

Fashion icons as inspiration on the wall

Dressing room build your own diy furniture clothes rack wall decoration

Not necessarily you should buy many new or expensive furniture. On a tight budget you can also build a dressing room yourself. Be creative and think across! Look what you can do with a stack of fashion magazines and two leather belts.

Build a small side table yourself

Dressing room yourself build DIY furniture magazines

A wall mirror with light sources on the side will give your dressing room a special charm.

Simple and stylish in white

dressing room yourself build diy furniture dressing table wall mirror

Place value on the wall design in your dressing room. Hang inspirational pictures or fashion illustrations.

Build a dressing table yourself

dressing room build yourself diy furniture make-up table vintage wall design

Lattice wardrobe - a quirky idea, right?

Dressing room yourself build lattice wardrobe on roll of light bulb

Jewelry storage can also be easily and simply created. In the photo here plastic boxes and kitchen paper holders are used. You can convert hooks and old picture frames into chain stands.

Creating order in the dressing room

Dressing room build your own diy ideas accessories jewelry storage

Make jewelry storage yourself

dressing room necklace design jewelry store chains earrings tailor's doll

Tailor's doll as a wall of inspiration

Dressing room itself build furnishing ideas tailor doll

Having a niche would be great if you want to build a dressing room. Attach the wardrobe systems directly to the wall and hide them behind a curtain.

Wardrobe behind curtains

  Dressing room yourself build DIY clothes rack niche curtain wardrobe systems

Practical storage ideas on little living space

dressing room build your own niche wardrobe systems crate storage

 Storage boxes made of plastic or rattan possible

Dressing room yourself build DIY clothes rack

 Open wardrobe in the hallway

Dressing room build yourself DIY open wardrobe wall mirror

Make yourself smart and go party!

Dressing room itself build open wardrobes wall design

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